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HR as a Service

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HR as a Service is a holistic approach towards providing end-to-end service solutions for all your HR needs, through on-site or offsite management of your HR Operations as well as other associated processes in accordance with your policies under the supervision of top professional consultants. 

HR as a Service (HRaaS)

HR-as-a-service (HRAAS) is a holistic approach towards providing end-to-end service solutions to all your Human Resource and Payroll needs through self-serving cloud-based system. We can provide infrastructure, platform and process outsourcing unified under a single contract. 

HRaaS models are customized based on client requirements and provide the ability to deliver flexible options to materialize business design and strategy proposals. The entire HR functionalities are outsourced to us and we maintain the master database and manages all Human Resource activities including recruitment, payroll, talent management, leave and absence records, training, administrative benefits and compensations.

The key benefits are:

  • it significantly cut down costs and save up on time.
  • it provides integrated user interfaces that have in-built programs and functions which can automate processes, like calculating payrolls or entering travel expenses and leave records.
  • it enables clients to shift focus on core business activities and free themselves from tedious work.
  • unlike on-premise Human Resource applications, HRaaS does not need much investment in deploying or maintaining IT and infrastructure and can considerably reduce costs and human interference.
  • it provides added features like HR analytics and reporting that can be very helpful to gain competitive advantage and stay a step ahead
  • its integrated cloud-based services ensure consistency through all processes, enabling greater agility towards external changes in business functions.